Hi and welcome to my site where you’ll learn a little about me and my work as an urban sustainability scientist at Georgia State University’s Urban Studies Institute, and grant evaluator for my consulting firm sySTEM Evaluation.

I’m Robert Hobbins. My goal is to build more equitable, sustainable and resilient communities given today’s rapidly changing environmental conditions. We are in desperate need of radical transformations and change agents to meet the demands of today’s complex and contested sustainability challenges. My research centers on knowledge co-production as a key intervention in the knowledge-implementation cycle to build the capacities of students, researchers, government officials, and community leaders to co-produce new knowledge and solutions to guide urban sustainability transformations as empowered agents of change. I have a PhD and MS in Sustainability from Arizona State University, a Master of Education and BS in Physics from The Ohio State University, and currently work as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Georgia State University’s Urban Studies Institute in Atlanta, GA where I co-lead the Sustainable Futures Lab.

During my PhD, I served as the Graduate Fellow for the Transitions and Implementations Working Group of the Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network where I helped city leaders from across the U.S. and Latin America envision more desirable urban futures, visualize and communicate those visions, and build the transformative capacities necessary to implement them. For instance, I assisted Radical Partner’s 100 Great Ideas campaign on Sustainability and Resilience in Miami and assist the Alianza por la Cuenca del río Piedras in San Juan (Puerto Rico) in local capacity-building efforts to implement an alternative vision for integrated flood management and mitigation using nature-based solutions. I helped co-found the Future Cities Podcast – an early-career led podcast to mobilize knowledge and research on urban resilience – and currently host the Atlanta Transformative Leaders Series that brings together Atlanta-based individuals and organizations to share knowledge, resources, and collaborate on innovative sustainability projects. Among my current research initiatives, I’m integrating over a decade of STEM education experience with my urban sustainability scholarship to redesign undergraduate and graduate student education to prepare the next generation of urban sustainability scholars.

I’ve published in peer-reviewed journals and have written book chapters on knowledge co-production and knowledge systems, sustainability transformations, anticipatory governance, flood risk, and urban resilience. Prior to my scholarly career as an urban sustainability scientist, I was a K-12 educator. In 2010, I was awarded the Arizona Teacher of the Year award at the Governor’s Celebration of Innovation by the Arizona Technology Council and former Governor Jan Brewer. I currently serve on the Board of Directors for Sonoran Schools.

I am also Founder and CEO of a consulting firm called sySTEM Evaluation where my team and I provide evaluation services primarily for K-12 and higher education grants and projects. Please visit the sySTEM Evaluation page to learn more about our services and to collaborate with us on a future grant proposal.