I’ve had the pleasure to teach a variety of courses in several disciplines at the middle school, high school, and university levels over the course of my teaching career. I’ve taught at Arizona State University as a Graduate Teaching Associate and at Grand Canyon University as an Adjunct Faculty Member. Presented here are a few of the courses I’ve taught at these two universities. I am honored to be the recipient of the 2010 Teacher of the Year Award from the Arizona Technology Council and former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

Sustainability 110 – Sustainable World

Sustainable World will introduce you to the interdisciplinary field of sustainability and explore the fundamental question of how human and natural systems interact. Sustainable World focuses on how the environment functions, how humans interact with and shape the environment, and how our “life support system” shapes us. This class also focuses on approaches to addressing sustainability problems that comes from an emerging field known as Sustainability Science. Using real world issues and challenges, you will learn about the fundamental Earth Systems on which we depend. Many of the natural processes and sustainability challenges explored in lecture will have affected us personally. In recitation, each of us will conduct an inquiry relevant to sustainability with both personal and social dimensions. This is an amazing opportunity to work on something that you care about while understanding it in its broader social-ecological context.

Sustainability 311 – Future Thinking and Strategies

This course offers a critical introduction to future-oriented theories and methods. Futures Thinking & Strategy explores anticipation in contemporary society by probing real world sustainability issues and how the future is created and contested. By characterizing and critiquing future-oriented practices across governmental, academic, private, and social movement spaces, this course offers a critical perspective on different ways to study the future and the implications of their use. This course is designed to teach you how to THINK about the future and DESIGN future oriented inquiries in the context of sustainability. In this course, you will acquire experience with scenario building and strategic planning, thus developing and refining practical skills, including process design, trend analysis, and interviewing. In addition to this practical experience with foresight tools, you will also confront broader questions about the limits of prediction, time and social change, path dependency and the politics of looking into the future. Each module will include a lecture, readings, student-led discussions and an assignment designed to differentiate a particular concept or practice a particular skill.

Biology 220 – Environmental Science

This course examines the risks and the environmental impact of human behavior and population growth on natural resources. Emphasis is placed on a holistic approach to environmental science using hands-on exercises, environmental surveys, and class discussions to reinforce scientific principles.

Robert Hobbins was an amazing co-professor to have. He was very knowledgeable and was dedicated to helping students really understand the material

Arizona State University Future Thinking and Strategies Student

This course was online but I actually felt like I knew the professor and talked to him in person. He was always there when students needed help and always engaged his students. I loved how he would respond to certain students DQ’s asking for more information on a topic because he was genuinely interested

Grand Canyon University Environmental Science Student